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CarLove by Colors on Parade, bumper repair, paint touch up, dent repair, paint repair, rim refinish, windshield repair
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CarLove by Colors on Parade offers fast, convenient, and affordable services by extensively trained and certified mobile technicians that currently serve local dealers and retail customers ON-SITE.

Our Auto Paint Repair system is designed for minor surface damage from panels to bumpers to hoods and decklids— usually at a cost BELOW the insurance deductible.

Our prices are typically 25% to 50% less than body shop prices. Our high-quality services include Auto Paint Chip Repair, Clearcoat Scratch Repair, Minor Ding Repair, Bumper Repair, Headlight Restoration, and much more, and are guaranteed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

For more information on our services, contact us at (866) 756-4207 or contact@carloveexpress.com, or fill out the form below to get a free estimate.


With over 250 locations in over 25 states and 2 countries, CarLove by Colors on Parade has been providing CarLove services for nearly 30 years. Offering scratch and dent repair anywhere,

CarLove meets the needs of retail and wholesale automotive consumers across the United States and internationally. Using proprietary ecosmart technologies,

CarLove technicians provide quality, convenient and affordable repairs to damaged vehicles. Our customers include car dealerships, fleet owners, rental car agencies, body shops and individual vehicle owners.

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ChipGuard Plus offers CarLove and peace of mind to every car owner through a simple pre-purchased protection program. Colors on Parade Certified Technicians provide ongoing service for bumper repair, minor dents and scuffed wheels for vehicles enrolled in the program.

All repairs are high quality, quick and hassle free. There is no need to live with imperfections, be prepared for life’s little mishaps and protect your new car today.

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ChipGuard Plus by CarLove and Colors on Parade
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